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Spider Man Homecoming Although in Spain we will have to wait Full Movie until next July 28 to enjoy ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ in our cinemas, the latest Marvel film has already celebrated its world premiere and has done so under a barrage of positive reviews that have That even our hero, Tom Holland, cries when he reads them.

Spider Man Homecoming

Spider Man

Spider Man Homecoming Full Movie

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Release Date: July 7, 2017
Rating: 8.9

‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ seems to be the breath of fresh air needed by one of the most trite superheroes in film history; There are many films that have been released with their masked face as protagonist and not all have satisfied the followers of Spider Man Homecoming On this occasion, Marvel seems to have been right.

And of gift, two post-credits scenes. The House of Ideas customarily, in its film version, to keep us all in the seats until after the titles of credits, because there is always something more. On this occasion, there are two scenes that have added and we will briefly tell below. Obviously watch out for spoilers.

In the first post-credits scene we see the character played by Michael Keaton, Vulture, in jail. In this place talk to The Scorpion, given to life by Michael Mando, about the identity of a Spider-Man that apparently has not been discovered. “If he knew who he was, he would be dead,” Vulture answers to his companion’s concerns … But he does know who Spider-Man is.

The second scene is the one that has surprised the viewers the most. In this we see Captain America (played by Chris Evans) in a kind of monologue in which urges the same audience to have patience because patience is usually rewarded. “I’m going to talk about one of the most valuable features that a soldier or a student can have: patience,” explains Capi. What does it mean?

The criticism has been pronounced and his opinion could not leave in better place the next delivery of Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Homecoming. And the fact is that the film that stars Tom Holland ties with the films of superheroes rated by Rotten Tomatoes: Iron Man, Spider-Man 2 by San Raimi, and the untouchable The Dark Knight. This is announced by Heroich Hollywood, once the embargo has been lifted to the critics of the first views of the film.

The first official Homecoming rating reached 93% of positive ratings, a figure that has increased slightly to 94%. These figures are what have allowed Spider-Man: Homecoming to tie with the rest of superhero movies best valued on the day of its opening.

After this announcement, it will not be for less the expectation with which many fans await the date in which the film will be released. The joint production of Sony and Marvel Studios seems to have laid the foundations of what will be a nice friendship, renewing a superhero who had not started for so long.

Much will have to thank Sipder-Man for the contribution of Tom Holland in his Peter Parker character, along with the influence of veterans like Robert Downey Jr playing an Iron Man who will be a mentor, or Michael Keaton as the villain Vulture. In any case, the viewers can have their own opinion from next July 28, the date of the film’s release. “, (more…)

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